Big Bear Fest raises £5000 for Meningitis UK

We wish to thank everyone who helped us achieve what was a magical day in memory of our beautiful son Sam.   To have such a fantastic day and also raise £5,000 for Meningitis UK, in what a very difficult times for many people, is nothing but sensational.

The day could not have been better; over 600 people having a great time in the sunshine and in such beautiful surroundings.

However, despite the success of the day, we have been told that Hedingham Castle cannot hold the event again due to the severity of the report from Braintree District Council on the noise.

To our dismay four people complained (whoever they are they should be ashamed of themselves).  Not only have we lost our son but now we have lost what could have become our spiritual home.

The council set very stringent targets on noise with a limit of 56db(A), most outside concerts are well in excess of 75db(A) and some even hit 90db(A).  In fact the village had a fete on the same day which was audible at times!

Our readings showed an average of 55.16db(A) so we did very well in keeping to the strict limit imposed.

We did run over by 30 minutes due to technical faults and for that we apologise.  However, we did turn the sound down by 3db(A) and everybody left quietly and orderly.

It seems that over 600 people (many from the village) enjoying themselves in a safe manner and whilst raising money for a very important cause is immaterial because of the complaints received by four people…democracy at its best!

So the search begins for a new event location for Big Bear Fest 2012…it will happen because, we want it, you want it and Sam is behind us because he wants it!

One Love and many thanks

All at The Big Bear Fest xxxxx