Big Bear Fest Raffle Ticket Draw – Including Special Promotion

We are delighted to announce the Big Bear Fest Prize Raffle!

Alongside a minimum of 50 prizes we also have three fantastic star prizes:


We are proud to offer everyone the chance to win an electric guitar signed and donated by all of Coldplay.

The band heard from one of their roadies about the Big Bear Fest and our man Sam and had no hesitation in signing one of their guitars. For good measure they threw in their plectrums (Chris Martin put a piece of velcro around his so it stood out!)


When local megaband Prodigy heard about Sam and the Big Bear Fest they were keen to get involved and Keith immediately called their office and got them to send out a poster signed by Liam, Keith and Maxim!

The poster is 30″ x 40″ and will be framed.   However, that wasn’t all,  they also sent 3 promo CD’s which are rare and not for sale to the general public!  These are very collectable and desired by fans because of the different artwork and tracks that are on the finally released CD.


Sam’s friend Graham Knott wanted to do something special for the Big Bear Fest and Sam. He has generously donated three diamonds with a value of circa £1000

These really are fabulous and I am sure Graham would help the lucky winner choose a great way to have them set. They would make a great wedding or engagement ring or look stunning set in a drop pendant.

A big thank you goes out to all of the above people and everyone involved in making it happen.


Firstly, we want to show our support to all those people who are buying their Big Bear Fest tickets early. So to encourage you fantastic people and give something back we are offering the following:

1. All festy tickets purchased before 30th June 2011 will receive three free entries into the Big Bear Fest Raffle.

2. All festy tickets purchased between 01st July 2011 and the 31st July 2011 will receive one free entry into the Big Bear Fest Raffle

That aside, all raffle tickets are priced at £1 each. Anyone can enter by purchasing your raffle tickets in the following ways:

Selected outlets. (Further details to follow)

Postal Order or Cheque sent to:

Big Bear Fest Raffle

8 Catesby Meadow


Suffolk CO10 2BD

Directly from all of us at the Big Bear Fest. Furthermore should you wish to sell raffle tickets for us please contact us here.

Click to view the Raffle Terms And Conditions

Good luck to all of you.